• Moscow

    From Russia with Love Part I

    Seven years ago I had the honor to travel outside of the Balkans for the first time in my life. Up to that point everything feels like...

  • mistakeCover

    10 Mistakes Stupid Travelers Make

    Everybody makes mistakes. However, when you travel, those mistakes can cost you a lot and you’ll have to pay the price immediately. Sometimes, the price is so...

  • viptr

    How to Become a Travel VIP

    This is a good one. I’ve actually been a little hesitant to share this article but I figure I’m definitely not the only one using this. It’s...

Learning new skills has become a hobby of mine during past few years. The problem is, there are so many of them to choose from that we often struggle and try to become jacks of all trades (but masters of none) and ultimately fail to become proficient. This “rule” applies only in short term – in long term anyone can acquire any skill. At the end, I will also share couple of tips and tricks on how I go about getting skills and how we can kinda shortcut it.
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Welcome to 2015! Have a happy year and may you travel much more than ever before! May you see amazing locations, taste awesome food and carry small suitcases. Yes. I’ve talked a bit about packing before, however this time I’m going on an all out war for minimalist packing.

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Butter has come a long way since 1980s/90s. Scientists deemed fat the source of all our problems, however medicine is slowly catching up and the real troublemaker has been revealed – sugar. Adding butter to drinks and food has never tasted better and I do it all the time while traveling in order to stay healthy and happy.
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Vast majority of travelers swear how traveling has made them richer, smarter and better. Everyone would like to be a millionaire (except billionaires of course). Here is a foolproof, bulletproof and all other types of -proof way to become a millionaire instantly. 0 risk too! Interested? Let’s go.
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It’s been a while. New adventures have been piling up and now it’s time to finish off my Bali adventure. During the UN event that took place, I had a blast, meeting tons of new people, ambassadors and politicians. It always amuses me to see how diplomatic relationships move on from fake and pretend-to-be-friends to real friendships… albeit in rare occasions. I, however, like to cut out the first part and go straight to the fun part.
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