• Moscow

    From Russia with Love Part I

    Seven years ago I had the honor to travel outside of the Balkans for the first time in my life. Up to that point everything feels like...

  • mistakeCover

    10 Mistakes Stupid Travelers Make

    Everybody makes mistakes. However, when you travel, those mistakes can cost you a lot and you’ll have to pay the price immediately. Sometimes, the price is so...

  • viptr

    How to Become a Travel VIP

    This is a good one. I’ve actually been a little hesitant to share this article but I figure I’m definitely not the only one using this. It’s...

Vast majority of travelers swear how traveling has made them richer, smarter and better. Everyone would like to be a millionaire (except billionaires of course). Here is a foolproof, bulletproof and all other types of -proof way to become a millionaire instantly. 0 risk too! Interested? Let’s go.
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It’s been a while. New adventures have been piling up and now it’s time to finish off my Bali adventure. During the UN event that took place, I had a blast, meeting tons of new people, ambassadors and politicians. It always amuses me to see how diplomatic relationships move on from fake and pretend-to-be-friends to real friendships… albeit in rare occasions. I, however, like to cut out the first part and go straight to the fun part.
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Have you ever wondered how does it feel to travel to heaven and back? Grab some coffee and let me tell you a story.
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Last day in Moscow, Russia. It was a bit unsettling because I was one of the last ones to go. That really and truly sucks. However, there was something much more interesting at the horizon.
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I lied… Last time I said I will talk about the most amazing building I’ve seen in Moscow and I didn’t. So, what the heck did fascinate me so much?
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