• RooftopF

    Special: The Rooftop

    Today, I am very happy to write about another special place, The Rooftop! It is truly a different experience than what you might be used to in...

  • Spectrum-e1386117401963

    Special: Spectrum on One

    I love surprises and this was by far been one of the best surprises I have ever experienced. I’m really grateful for the amazing friends I have...


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Welcome to the sin city! The amazing city where everything is grand(e), shiny and almost impossibly enough, has big objects (still some are smaller than Dubai’s). The city that never sleeps, the mystical place where boys become men and money disappears faster than a cookie on a plate in front of you.
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Everybody makes mistakes. However, when you travel, those mistakes can cost you a lot and you’ll have to pay the price immediately. Sometimes, the price is so worth paying, often paying that price frankly sucks.
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As I entered the filled room I said dramatically: “Let there be light!” And the lights turned on instantly. It felt like magic. Finally, after years of wishing to be a magician, I became one.

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I see many people who travel and don’t even think about safety. “Nothing’s going to happen to me”. Yeah, sure. It’s best always to be prepared. As the proverb goes: “Better safe than sorry”.
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